Ludovic Vallee (French 1864 – 1939)


Condition Report: Oil on board.  Possible surface dirt.  Small chips, paint surface in good order with very good impasto.

It has an inscription on the reverse dedicated to ‘Mr and Mrs Luisette on the

occasion of their marriage’  25th February 1933.


Ludovic Vallee (French 1864 – 1939)

Le Bal Bullier, or Closerie des lilas, was located at the current 39, avenue Georges Bernanos, in the 5th arrondissement. It was one of the most famous Parisian public balls in the Belle epoque, especially attended by Latin Quarter students. It is a beautiful snapshot of life at the time. There are some beautiful impressionist passages in this little gem of a painting. He has managed to convey the haze of a sultry Paris evening using pointillism and deep contrasts of light and dark tone.

It is safe to say that Vallee is a very underrated painter who will prove to be a great investment as his recognition grows.

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