Steve Bicknell

About The Artist Steve Bicknell

A commissioned photographer throughout the 80’s 90’s and early 2,000’s, working for corporates and design companies and agencies. In 2004 Steve started Icarus Ats Publishing, having considerable success in photographic calendars for retail. In 2009 Maverick Children’s books was formed and is now one of the leading suppliers of the Maverick Guided Reading Scheme for children to learn English and is distributed throughout the world.

Now Steve is a self-taught sculptor working in steel and concrete from his studio in West Sussex, very much into experimentation and collaboration, often combining unusual materials and techniques. Steve also works with several foundries casting his work into bronzes available as fine art limited editions

The work is based on shape and form drawing his inspiration often from nature and human influence. “ I like to work without any preconceived ideas of the final form” Finding the strength in the piece during the making process.

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