Karin Moorhouse

About The Artist Karin Moorhouse

Karin has had studios in Chelsea Covent Garden Battersea and Surrey but has for some time now lived and worked in West Sussex. She remains continually inspired by her surroundings.

For Karin it has always been the creative process that has been as important as the final work and changes occur regularly during the painting. She often works over older paintings which then become part of new ones. She started life as a textile designer and following her roots is introducing elements of pattern back into some of her new work.

Karin has exhibited many times at the Mall Galleries in London and has been part of mixed shows at both Pallant House and Oxmarket Galleries in Chichester and Dragon and Kevis House Galleries in Petworth. Karin has also been a regular participant in Annual Art Gallery Trails and Festivals in Arundel and Brighton. She has run painting workshops in Mallorca, Italy and France and currently teaches at the Mill Studio, Arundel.

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