Phil Randles

About The Artist PHIL RANDLES

If there is a common factor in the work it is to produce images that are striking both in terms of subject matter and colour. I believe art should ‘move’ and affect the viewer. Love it or hate it, art should stand out and be seen not blend into the wallpaper.

Consequently, the figurative pictures I create feature strong heads and torsos with impact and dynamism. The images tend to be either distinctive heads or close ups of dancers in the act of dramatic expression. The dancers are created on thick, deckled paper from which I gouge out layers and chunks to leave a textured surface to build up the picture using acrylic paint and charcoal. Pretty they are not but they cannot be ignored. Other figurative work tends to feature close ups of parts of bodies painted on tissue paper stretched overboard. This gives a distinctive, textured background to the image. Landscapes are restricted to multi-layered semi abstracts of woods and vineyards

Phil has had a long, art-related career mixing producing art and exhibiting throughout southern England with running/owning advertising agencies and a magazine publishing company. However, art is now the prime focus which as a consequence, is generating more work and exhibiting opportunities.

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