About The Artist Frances Peel

Born in London in 1965 Frances is now a practicing artist and designer living in Hampshire. She graduated from Leicester Polytechnic in 1988 with an honours degree in Graphic Design specialising in Illustration . She went on to Birmingham Polytechnic and gained a post-graduate in Art and Design Education and has combined her artistic practice with teaching art and design within the school and college environment since then.
Spanning the spheres of design and fine art her work reflects her interest in both decorative and expressive qualities.
Her surface pattern design work has been sold commercially and paintings to private collectors.

Boundary Collection

This latest body of work is based on the powerful, natural landscape of the North Cornish Heritage Tin Coast and its visible reminders of the locations recent industrial past.
I have sought to capture pictorially the relationships between sky, sea and land. By using layered, physical, harsh, mark making and dramatic shapes the paintings hopefully reflect the power of the natural environment and the and gritty working life of the miners below.

Works By Frances Peel For Sale