Phil Randles

Start Date: 23/10/2020
End Date: 30/11/2020

Phil Randles – Artists Statement

If there is a common factor in the work it is to produce images that are striking both in terms of subject matter and colour. I believe art should ‘move’ and affect the viewer. Love it or hate it, art should stand out and be seen, not blend into the wallpaper.

Consequently, the figurative pictures I create feature strong heads and torsos with impact and dynamism. The images tend to be either distinctive heads or close ups of dancers in the act of dramatic expression. The dancers are created on thick, decalled paper from which I gouge out layers and chunks to leave a textured surface to build up the picture using acrylic paint and charcoal. This has the effect of creating arresting impact. Pretty they are not but they cannot be ignored.

Landscapes are restricted to semi abstracts of woods and vineyards again using layers and fabrics to create depth and relief. They rely as much on the interplay of strong colours together as to the subject and composition.

Prices tend to vary depending on the size of gallery and location. For example they sell for around £1250 in London and Tunbridge Wells but more locally around £750.


I have had a long, art related career mixing producing art and exhibitions with running advertising agencies and a publishing company. My work has appeared in many solo and group exhibitions as well as published greeting cards and posters throughout Europe. Commissioned work includes large paintings, portraits and providing pictures for an entire restaurant. However, art is now the prime focus which as a consequence, is generating more work and exhibiting opportunities.

  • The Redleaf Gallery
  • Affordable Art Fairs, Battersea
  • Surrey Art Fairs
  • The Fountain Gallery, Hampton Court
  • WOW Gallery
  • Gallery 248
  • The Gentle Gallery
  • Proof Gallery