The first major new exhibition at The Fittleworth Gallery since Lockdown is a visually stunning display by local artist Sophie Marchant and rising star Oliver Mitchell.

Art lovers bereft of artistic visual stimulation for the last year will not fail to be marvelled at the work of Sophie Marchant. We are exhibiting two strands of Sophie’s prodigious skill. Her large, impressionistic canvasses are inspired by the sea, sky and the undulating landscape of the South Downs where she lives and her experience as a travel writer and filmmaker of places of exceptional beauty from around the world. Sophie uses a variety of techniques to produce unforgettable images inspired by her passion for nature and colour.

The impressionistic works are complemented by large canvasses taken from her ‘Forgotten Beauties’ series. A collaboration with photographer Tillmann Pretscher which has produced exceptionally detailed artwork using rare, endangered, weird and wonderful insects. The unusual combination of photography and painting has resulted in exceptionally colourful and mesmerising images derived from the intimate study of nature itself.

As a complete contrast the Gallery shows recent large urban landscapes by up and coming artist Oliver Mitchell. This talented young artist has developed a fascinating, distinctive style depicting bustling streets in a vibrant, semi abstract display. Full of energy and vigour these large, colourful canvasses demand attention.

Phil Randles, a Gallery Director, comments “We are fortunate to be able to show such stunning work by these two astonishingly talented artists. Visitors will love this visually arresting display and just demonstrates the wealth of talent in the South Downs area.”

The Fittleworth Gallery aims to provide a unique hub for Art and Artists from the South Downs, away from the bustle of the busy high street, valuing both traditional and historical art as well as the creativity and originality of more contemporary work. We offer an exciting mix of paintings, sculptures and prints in a bright, creative space.

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