Gary Nicholls

The Fittleworth Gallery are staging an unusual and provocative exhibition of the images of Gary Nicholls whose work can be described as the ‘theatre of art’. Gary describes himself as a technical artist with a camera who creates series of themed images to tell a story. Inspired by Caravaggio and Vermeer, who were able to focus the viewer on the subject of their art by the use of light Gary uses multiple images to create a luminosity that comes alive when printed on the aluminium surface of Chromalux.

The exhibition demonstrates evocatively the principle of art telling a story. Large images explore the darker side of life with intricately staged tableau packed with symbolism and curiosities. Many of the images are drawn from the underground popular culture of ‘steampunk’. This is a world of amazing outfits, incredible gadgets and re-imagining the present from a past that never was.

Download The Exhibition Catalogue