Nicola Martin

About The Artist Nicola Martin

Nicola produces unique stoneware pottery pieces with an emphasis on glaze decoration.

​She has created an eclectic collection ranging from flower vases to serving platters. 

She began pottery as far back as primary school, since then pottery has become the place where she loses herself completely. She finds she is her most expressive with clay. She loves the tactile nature of this material. ‘I could honestly say I enjoy EVERY MOMENT of this age-old process of making a pot’. 

She is fascinated by the different styles of pottery and likes nothing more than spending time researching this ancient art form, particularly Japanese ceramic art. She is learning and discovering all the time including what happens when she creates her own glazes. She is deeply fascinated by the patterns in nature and often uses flowers heads as paintbrushes when glazing!

Up until quite recently she was an itinerant potter snatching moments of quiet amidst the chaos of family life but it was the search for stillness during the crazy Covid world that provided her with the opportunity to explore her pottery ‘habit’. Consequently, she has recently established ‘Nicola Martin Ceramics’ and creates pots under her name for various galleries and shops. Her mission is to create ‘one off, unique pottery pieces which you will treasure forever’. 

More of Nicola’s work can be viewed on her website

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