Jenny Morgan

About The Artist Jenny Morgan

Concentrating on portraiture for most of her life Jenny Morgan also paints wildlife and animals in all their various settings. She studied at Southampton whereupon she became passionate and prolific with her work. She predominately still works on portraits and body forms and now shows extensively throughout the South. In 2007 a large collage of John Lennon made completely from newspaper cuttings was shown alongside John Lennon’s own travelling exhibition and was well publicised at the time.  

Living close to the New Forest she takes every opportunity to paint the roaming animals whilst walking her dogs and forever marvelling at the wonderful landscape, still as natural as it ever was. Always up for a challenge, and still enjoying experimenting Jenny will paint by commission anything required. Her mediums are charcoal, pencil, pastel, acrylic and a combination of all of these. After 2 years of ill-health and vision in only one eye, she is now back on track and ready to fulfil the obligations that comes with showing at the years’ exhibitions and galleries.

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