A discreet and discerning Gallery we aim to provide a unique hub for Art and Artists from the South Downs as well as further afield, away from the bustle of the busy high street, valuing both traditional and historical art as well as the creativity and originality of more contemporary work.

The appreciation of art can be very individual and subjective. We encourage the appreciation by understanding creativity and talent as well as provenance(in the case of older works) and applying a discerning but non-judgemental eye to both old and contemporary works. We aim to provide a broad range of artistic styles and pricing for our customers as we feel that good quality art should be accessible to as many people as possible.

The Fittleworth Gallery West Sussex


We use a fair approach to encourage realistic pricing for artists while at the same time helping them develop and build their reputations and ability to sell their work through the growth in their range of skills and artistic talent and that of their own reputation and consequently that of the Gallery. A cyclical process

Bridget Johnson
Jane Davies
Jenny Morgan
Jim Tucker
Jon Edgar
Louise Catterall
Michael Jevon
Nicola Martin
Oliver Mitchell
Phil Randles
Piers Ottey
Sandra Izard
Sarah Simmonds
Sophie Marchant
Željko Ivanković (Jericho)