Jane Davies

About The Artist Jane Davies

Jane is an international selling watercolour artist with a real passion for the natural world. Her deep love and understanding of nature sing out in her work, capturing fleeting expression and mood through her unique, loose style of watercolour.

Living only a handful of miles from the gallery, painting in her home studio at the foot of the South Downs, she undertakes commissions from beloved pets to exotic wildlife.

One of her favourite and most challenging of these was a set of four large wolves which now hangs in a private London home. Jane says, “These were amazing to paint. The finished pieces looked stunning together, with each wolf having its own quirk, a real eye catcher”.

Among her other projects have been working with an American retail store, capturing African animals for merchandise, and illustrating Winston Churchill’s cat for a book cover.

She has also had several successful exhibitions which gained her much popularity and a every increasing number of collectors.

When not in her studio Jane loves nothing better than to walk and explore the South Downs with her husband and dogs. Jane says, “My love for the outdoors is ingrained in me, I feel absorbed by the natural world around me and that in turn flows back into my art. Watercolour is such a beautiful and unpredictable medium but it’s magical and I just adore it.”